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The Best Commercial Landscape Services Near Me

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The Best Commercial Landscape Services Near Me

Every business property would love to have immaculate looking landscapes that drive clients and costumers to their buildings and stores. But choosing the right landscaping company can be a headache on top of other things to keep your business intact. So here are some things to consider before choosing the right company for your business.

Where To Start

Nowadays, almost everyone does their searching online for everything. So why not start with the top searches and read reviews on how those commercial landscaping services performed for other costumers. See how long that company has been in business because that will give an indicator that they’re familiar with the area and have skills to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a restaurant, shopping mall, apartment complex, or any business with a landscape, then there’s a company that’s near you that will accommodate you.

Type Of Services

Landscaping Designs

If your business needs that custom design that you already have blue-printed in your head, then you can consult your ideas with the commercial landscaping services of your choice. They will go over layouts of your lawn, trees, gardens, lighting, and colors to determine if your business wants to blend in or stand out from the rest.

Commercial landscape services can provide designs around poolsides, waterfalls, specific lighting, and much more.

Commercial Lawn Care

Some businesses have contracts to have their lawns cut weekly or biweekly. This is to ensure that their grass never goes untreated and keep that magnificent image for customers and business partners. Besides lawn care here are some other services to consider.

Fertilization- during the spring is the perfect time to feed your lawn because the temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This procedure gives your grass that plush green look over several weeks to come.

Power-Seeding- Machinery that landscapers use to force seeds into the soil for germination. This method allows for nutrients and air to reach the roots.

Mosquito&Ticks- Some commercial landscape services have environmental protection to accommodate mosquitoes and ticks around the outside of your business for special events. Treatments can be organic and child/pet-friendly. Some treatments can last up to 14 days, so your outside event can be pest-free.

Tree and Shrub Care

This treatment is just as important as lawn care. You can get treatment in the spring and fall, which can be a 2 step process with soil injections. This is a process that produces health towards your plants, improves water uptake, and insect control for the whole season.

Weed Control- Weeds are a sign of imbalance nutrients and just a problem in general with the soil. Your weeds can be controlled with weed products in a matter of weeks. Your lawn will have to get healthy for weeds to go away completely. If you’re not a green thumb, then your landscaping company can provide weed control services for you. Some landscapes may have spots of weeds growing in specific areas, so they will need to be pulled and spot treated.

Core Aeration- This process is almost similar to power-seeding but this machine actually removes patches of soil away from the lawn. This creates a pathway for air, water, and nutrients into the soil. The purpose of this process is to get the nutrients and air underground to the grassroots in order to create a healthy lawn.


There a lot of commercial landscape services that can meet any needs of your business. Companies can work around your budget and give your business the look you’re looking for and keep your business looking great all year around.

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